Work in progress


Liberalism and equality of opportunity

“Unequal Societies with Equality of Opportunity” (joint with Giorgos Galanis).

Intergenerational Justice in the Hobbesian State of Nature” (joint with Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti), DP n.13, Department of Economics, UMass Amherst, 2010.

“Characterising Eclectic Distributional Ethics” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara).

Exploitation theory

Exploitation as the Unequal Exchange of Labour: An Axiomatic Approach” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara), WP n.655, School of Economics and Finance, QMUL, 2009.

“Exploitation and Endogenous Innovation Cycles” (joint with Jonathan Cogliano and Naoki Yoshihara).

Classical price and value theory

Technical progress, capital accumulation, and distribution” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara), WP n.899, School of Economics and Finance, QMUL, 2019.

“Income Distribution in Classical Competition: Equilibrium, Efficiency, and Stability” (joint with Peter Flaschel and Reiner Franke).


Social Democracy, labour movements and the distribution of income in the US” (joint with Carlo V. Fiorio and Simon Mohun).