Roberto Veneziani

School of Economics and Finance
Queen Mary University of London
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London E1 4NS

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Roberto Veneziani holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. He is Professor of Economics at the School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London. His research interests include topics of liberal principles of distributive justice, axiomatic exploitation theory, macrodynamic models of growth and distribution, egalitarian principles, distribution of resources between generations, sustainable development, and normative principles in economics. He is also interested in the history of economic thought and in political economy from a mathematical perspective.

He has published articles in a number of outlets in economics (including the Journal of Economic Theory, the Economic Journal, Theoretical Economics, the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, the Journal of Mathematical Economics, Social Choice and Welfare, Macroeconomic Dynamics, and the Cambridge Journal of Economics), political science (including the British Journal of Political Science, Political Studies, and the Journal of Theoretical Politics), and philosophy (including Analysis, Economics and Philosophy, the European Journal of Philosophy, and Philosophy of the Social Sciences). He has refereed for more than sixty different journals in economics, political science and philosophy.

He is a co-founder and co-organiser of the Analytical Political Economy Workshop (together with Leila Davis, Amitava K. Dutt, Peter H. Matthews, Simon Mohun, Gil Skillman and Peter Skott) which has met annually since 2007, and sits on the Editorial Board of the Review of Social Economy, and Studies in Microeconomics. He is a member of the September Group.

He has been Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Surveys for over a decade and has resigned -- together with most members of the editorial board -- in protest against the policies of the publisher, Wiley. [Read the collective statement here.]

He has collaborated with José Carlos Rodriguez Alcantud, Matthieu Charpe, Vivek Chibber, Jonathan Cogliano, Meghnad Desai, Amitava K. Dutt, Ben Ferguson, Carlo V. Fiorio, Peter Flaschel, Marc Fleurbaey, Reiner Franke, Nils Froehlich, Giorgos Galanis, Daniele Girardi, Nicolas Grau, Soh Kaneko, Michele Lombardi, Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti, Peter H. Matthews, Kaname Miyagishima, Simon Mohun, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Christian Proaño, John E. Roemer, David Ronayne, Gil Skillman, Daniele Tavani, Naoki Yoshihara, Susanne Wengle, Bill Zame, Luca Zamparelli.

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